When you start to explore the different beliefs and traditions of people throughout the planet when it comes to religion and how people came to be, you can't help but see a world of possibilities. And while some might call their gods by different names and participate in rituals that are unique to their people, we are all connected in more ways that we are separated. Kaleidoscope Gathering is all about exploring the Pagan and New Age philosophy of life and opening yourself up to its wonder. You can learn more about Paganism by visiting Paganfederation.org.

Kaleidoscope Gathering is an event that takes place each year to bring together people from all over the country to celebrate and learn together. While you are camping at one of the most beautiful locations you will have the opportunity to participate in workshops, discussions, and some great social events. You might spend the afternoon learning about the folklore of an ancient Pagan culture or could create some music with new friends. Each year has a theme, which focuses the discussions and workshops. If you have studied any kind of history of the world than you have no doubt come across the concept of Paganism but might not know exactly what it means. To a Christian it might be any religion that is not Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist or their own. But to those that are practicing and exploring what it is to be a pagan they see that it is a spirituality that has existed since the ancient Greek and Roman times. Pagan is derived from the Latin word meaning country dweller and Kaleidoscope Gathering wants to celebrate its connection to the Earth around us.

New Age Spirituality is more of a collaboration of people with similar beliefs rather than a religion. There is no holy text, dogma, or formal clergy members. It is practiced through events like this one and focuses on the individual's relationship with the people and world around them. You will find that those practicing in the New Age Movement each have their own unique beliefs and rituals. This is why you will find such a welcoming atmosphere at KG that invites all to join in.

There are many different ways that you can participate in the festivities that take place during Kaleidoscope Gathering. Some choose to come as vendors and open people's eyes to a world of new items that might be of use to them. Others are eager to teach you about experiences they have had throughout their years. It is the believe of the festival that everyone has something to teach others as well as something to learn. There are events presented for children and those on a number of different topics depending on the year. Everyone is welcome to submit a workshop idea.

If you want to learn more about this event or the ideas that are discussed here than you will find it all on this website. We are devoted to helping you find your place within this event.

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