If you're trying to save some money on a gathering or want a fun thing to bring a group of people together, you can host a potluck dinner. This is something that everyone has been invited to at some point, whether you're meeting the other people in your condo building or celebrating something at work, and you might get that invite and start to panic about what you're going to bring. There are lots of great and simple dishes that are perfect for any potluck event. There are also some tips that should help you create something great for your neighbours or the people at your church.

The first decision that you're going to need to make when it comes to preparing a dish for a potluck meal is what course of the meal you are going to contribute towards. If there is some way of signing up for what you're bringing then you will usually be choosing between making a salad, appetizer, main dish, or dessert. When you're thinking of what would be best think of how you're traveling to the event as well as what your strengths in the kitchen are. In other words, if you burn rice every time you cook it, don't commit to a rice dish.

Think about the environment where you will be having the potluck and the sort of people that are participating before choosing a dish. If the event is being hosted in someone's small condo where you know they don't have a lot of kitchen supplies, then you might want to make something that is easy to eat and doesn't require anything to be served. Individually prepared portions could work or you could go with something like a dip. If you know that there are going to be some picky eaters, like kids, they you will want to stick with something simple.

Make sure there are no hidden ingredients in your dish that people would not expect there. Anyone who has worked in catering or at a restaurant can tell you that people have all kinds of allergies to food. If you have something like nuts or shellfish in your dish then you should make it clear somehow that it is in there. Some people even like to make a little sign that they can put in front of their dish as a warning if it contains something that many people might be allergic to. This is another reason that simple and tasty is often the best choice. Save having people over for a more formal dinner party to get really creative in the kitchen.

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