There are many reasons why you might want to get away from your regular life. Perhaps it is very stressful at work or daily life and you need to take a break and relax. Maybe you've found yourself struggling with your faith and you want to have it reaffirmed. Or perhaps you're just trying to meet up with some like minded people in a social setting. Whatever your reason for needing to get away, there's a personal retreat out there for you. Have a look at this page to see the different types of retreats you might want to consider.

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Spiritual retreats are among the most popular types, because in our busy lives we often don't have time to think much about our beliefs or analyze what they mean for our future. In a spiritual retreat, participants often meet in a secluded location owned by the church, company, or organization that runs the retreat. There, away from the hustle and bustle of daily lives, participants may meditate, attend sermons, seminars and workshops, and discuss their beliefs with other participants as a way of strengthening them.


For this type of retreat, you needn't spend a lot on travel. Most hotels in big cities have attached spas where you can take this kind of retreat. Or, if you really want to get away, you can travel to a more isolated spa/hotel complex. At a rejuvenating retreat, participants have the opportunity to relax and shed the stress of their daily lives by receiving massages, facial treatments, and simply lounging by the pool. Sometimes meditation and holistic medicine is involved, but the principle is that people who feel better look younger.


Sometimes there's no deep reason for a retreat. Sometimes you just like to get away from your regular life and spend time around like minded people you're comfortable with. Sometimes this may be a group from your church, other times it might be a community group or a federation of hobbyists such as poets or scrapbookers. Whoever it is, you might all agree to stay at a specific B & B or resort in the Caribbean to celebrate your fellowship. Sometimes it might be an organized retreat complete with workshops and activities.

Work Related

Employers often make use of retreats to train workers in new ways of managing employees, help them learn to work together, or get them used to a new software program. The company may rent a space and set it up with accommodations and group activities for the employees. Most retreats are contracted out to other companies who specifically arrange training and retreats.

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