With everyone's schedules getting busier and more ways of staying in touch, it seems that the reasons to have a reunion with your whole family are only increasing. Sometimes you might be able to come together to plan an activity and other times you will just need to plan to all come together for a reunion and nothing else. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you organize any sort of family reunion, big or small.

First, you need to decide what type of reunion you're going to have. Some families can all fit into someone's backyard or on the patio of and can have a simple barbecue. If you're a child of six and each of your siblings favored a large family than you might need a location with a bit more space. Decide how big your venue needs to be and how much each person attending is willing to spend. This will start you off with your planning.

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Consider if accommodations will be needed. If most of the people that you're inviting live within a few hours drive of your house than you might not have to worry about finding a place for everyone to stay. This might not be the case if your family is coming in from all over the country or even the world. Knowing how far people are coming for the reunion will help you plan how much time you're all going to be spending together. If you live relatively close than you might just want to come for the day. Family coming in from all over will likely want at least a weekend with everyone.

Start thinking about the things that you can all do together. If you're an adventurous family than you might want to get away from the city and all go camping together. Or you could set up a golf tournament for all of the different branches of your family on both sides. If you just want something smaller to do in between visiting than you could hire a chef to come in for a cooking lesson or take a hike up a mountain. There are lots of things that could be fun for the whole family.

Make sure you have things to do for the young and the old. When planning, it's easy to think of things that you would like to do. But when you're catering activities and food to everyone it's usually those extreme ages that you will need to consider the most. This is why it's best to have options for each aspect of the family reunion. That way everyone will have fun no matter what.

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