If you decide you would like to become a more observant Christian and start going to church more, it can be difficult to decide which of the many denominations you would like to be a part of. Though the Catholic church may be closest to your house, you disagree with their policy on homosexuals. Or maybe you don't hold with the strict rules at the Pentecostal church. Instead of forcing yourself to conform to an established doctrine, you might consider attending non denominational services. You can learn more about them here.

A non denominational church is a Christian church that does not conform to any one doctrine. It is not affiliated with any of the established branches of the Christian faith, such as Catholic, Russian Orthodox, Anglican, United, or Presbyterian. These churches remain autonomous from the hierarchy present in the established branches. Instead, the congregation chooses to make their own canvas printing of the rules they have decided they want to follow. They also want to make their own decisions about who to welcome into their fold.

There are two reasons a church may be non denominational. The first reason is that the founders of the church disagree with all established branches of Christianity on a matter of theology. For example, the Brunstad Christian Church is non denominational because they believe Jesus was tempted to sin just like any other person, which is not a cornerstone of faith in the established denominations of Christianity. Others might believe, as the Bread of Life Ministries International does, that church and state should not be separated.

There is another kind of non denominational church you might come across and that's one that has separated with an established denomination for political reasons. Church politics often impose top-down rule on small churches or require collection money to be forwarded to a headquarters office. Churches who wish to control their own futures may choose not to become a part of the hierarchy present in an established, worldwide denomination. They do not have a headquarters, but they may have multiple church branches operating on the same principles.

You can find non denominational churches everywhere. They might be in big cities or small towns, in North America and abroad. They are often found in places where people of many different Christian faiths might gather, such as on military bases, college campuses, and hospitals, so that people of any Christian denomination can attend a service or pray without having another doctrine imposed on them. If you can't attend the non denominational church you choose, you can watch their services on TV from your home.

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